Research Chair INFRA-S: Exciting Research Opportunities for Passionate Students

The research Chair INFRA-S offers exciting research opportunities for students interested in the field of infrastructure. Whether you are a master’s or doctoral student, the Chair provides paid research contracts and scholarships to support your academic journey.

For both master’s and doctoral students, there is the possibility of obtaining a research paid contract within the Chair INFRA-S. This contract offers a rich and practical experience in the research field.

Master’s students also benefit from a $3,500 scholarship, while doctoral students can receive scholarships worth $15,000. Students will have the opportunity to be supervised or co-supervised by a researcher affiliated with the Chair, providing them with valuable academic support throughout their journey.

The conditions for master’s research topics are as follows: they must focus on infrastructure, infrastructure projects, and social value. Additionally, the research topic must be related to the Chair’s research program and align with one of the defined research axes. This ensures that students’ research projects are relevant and contribute to the scientific objectives of the Chair INFRA-S.

Furthermore, the Chair recognizes the excellence of students by awarding an annual $1,500 publication prize. This prize aims to reward students who have conducted quality research and had their work published. This recognition allows students to increase their visibility in the field and showcase their contributions to infrastructure research.

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